Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo Collage

So I am really digging this new photo collage I started on my wall. I got the idea from my sister who has a small one over her bed and I am in love with it. I apologize the picture is kind of stinky, but I just couldn't get a good one to come out, but you guys get the idea. Creating this was really fun and the best part was it didn't cost a dime. I had tons of picture frames that I had collected over the years and just never got around to using and I just searched through my photos and found the ones I wanted to hang up. 

In our old bedroom we had some of these frames scattered around the room some hanging up some not. When we moved into our new room I had an entire new wall to fill, not wanting to go on a major search or spend the money for a great piece of art or some other decor to hang there my sister and I decided to create this master piece. I love this idea for two reasons; One: it looks fantastic and it takes up a good amount of empty wall space, Two: It's something friends and visitors can look at and enjoy. Somebody can only look at a canvas painting for so long, but this they can come look at all the photos see if they're in some of them and enjoy it. I do plan on making this a little bit bigger especially when the baby comes I will want some of her in there!

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