Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things to be happy about

A little over a year ago I wanted to start a blog called 365 days of happiness. Everyday I was going to post something new to be happy about and I would take pictures capturing me enjoying those things. I never got a round to starting this blog, so since I've made this blog a combination of a eating healthy, cooking, fashion, and baby blog I'm going to add my 365 days of happiness to it. Everyday at the bottom of the blog I will add in something to be happy about and if you have time you should try and enjoy those things as well. 

Since my desk at work is covered in decorations that's what today's thing to be happy about will be decorations. 

While I'm enjoying these lovely "It's a girl" decorations I want to point out that decorations also include new decor for your home. It could be a new throw pillow, a new fancy candle, a new centerpiece for your dinner table, a new piece of art, even new dish towels!! I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love going to Homegoods and/or Burlington Coat Factory and picking out decor at reasonably low prices. I have a wonderful elephant table I bought at Burlington for only $25 the class top was broken when I got it, but it was an easy fix. 

Another website I like to browse (but never purchase) is I discovered this website when a fellow blogger talked about it and fell in love.

like can we talk about these for a moment. At $40 for 4 they're still pretty pricey.

While everything is way too far out of my price range it's still fun to look at it and imagine it in my home. So take out some time today maybe pick up a low priced painting at homegoods, browse the Zgallerie and plan your dream home, or plan a surprise party for somebody (even if it's for no reason other than to show you care) and decorate their room or desk you'll be glad you did!


  1. Can't I just use our decorative dish towels to clean things?

  2. of course you can cause every time you ruin them you get to buy me new ones yaaay new dish towels!!