Monday, August 6, 2012

The Joys of Pregnancy

The first trimester for me went by okay I had a little nausea, but certainly wasn't getting sick every morning which I am more than thankful for. I was, however, beyond exhausted in fact I'm not sure that I knew what being exhausted was before my first trimester. When I entered my second trimester I was more than excited to put the extreme tiredness behind me and enjoy being pregnant. Every one kept telling me how wonderful the second trimester was because you aren't sick anymore and you get some of your energy back. They were right I did get my energy back and I'm not sick anymore, BUT I did get a new symptom that I've never had any experience with migraines I wish there was a way to make that sound like I'm shuttering because I am. I have never really had a problem with headaches before let a lone migraines. It has been a completely miserable experience for me especially since I have not found a way to get rid of them. The only pain medicine I can take is tylenol, which hardly helps, you can't take long showers because your blood pressure might rise or something, and you can't use heating pads.

 So what have I been doing?? crying mostly. In reality though I have a wonderful boyfriend who gives me frequent scalp and neck massages which temporarily relieves the pain. Lying down helps as well, but I have a job and don't always have the opportunity to do so. I also drink lots and lots of water like an extreme amount. I buy liter bottles and fill it up three times a day to keep as hyrdrated as possible. The reason I am writing about my migraines today is because I had one that started yesterday afternoon and has continued until today. I unfortunately had to call out of work as I could hardly lift my head this morning. 

With my third trimester only a month and a week a way I am very much looking forward to what wonderful symptom that might bring!

Tomorrow at 9:30 we find out if it's a.....


  1. I feel for you! I was so excited to put the first trimester behind me and wouldn't ya know, at 14 weeks I started getting pain in my ribs when sitting. It got worse and worse the bigger Jack got. By my third trimester I was getting physical therapy to try to help and at 35 weeks I actually went on disability because the pain was just too awful to keep working. But as soon as he came out I was all better! I hope your migraines fade away soon. Also, talk to your doctor. Mine tried giving me stronger prescription Tylenol with codeine in it but it didn't help. Maybe you'll have better luck. I also towards the end started listening to meditation tracks on iTunes meant to help prepare for labor (search for hypnobirthing) and they actually helped a lot with my rib pain.


    1. Yes! some one else mentioned the stronger dose tylenol. I mentioned it to my doctor last time, but she didn't seem to take much interest so I'll have to bring it up again. I am not looking forward to the third trimester I'm hoping that I won't have to leave earlier than I need to as I have no disability so I'm hoping to work until the last second. That hypnobirthing sounds extremely interesting I'm definitely going to take a look!