Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My favorite Cosmetics

Hey folks today I want to talk to you about some fabulous cosmetic products I have been using and have fallen head over heals for. Last year I inherited a whole supply of really expensive makeup from Clinique, lancome, M.A.C and several others. As my supply is running out I've been on a desperate search to find similar products at a much lower price. 

I was obsessed with my Clinique foundation, but I was not going to pay $25 for a new bottle when it ran out. So I headed to the drugstore and picked up a foundation at random. Revlon Photo Ready. I am in love with this foundation it works just as well if not better than the Clinique foundation I was using. It goes on so smooth and makes your skin look absolutely flawless. This is probably the only piece of makeup that I feel actually does what it says and makes me feel like I have been airbrushed in real life. The best part about this makeup is it's only $10 that's less than half of what Clinique's foundation was. 

Another product I picked up this weekend is Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark circle. I have such a problem with dark circles under my eyes and am always looking for the perfect under eye concealer. I have tried so many different ones, including but not limited to Neutrogena, Revlon's, and Sephora. Alas not one worked as well as I wanted it to. I had my eye on this one for some time, but was hesitant to buy it, because it's $11 which is a little pricey for me. I finally broke down and tried it and boy am I in love. First off it claims that it actually reduces dark circles which I did not believe at all, because there pretty much is no cure for dark circles as they are essentially bruises. BUT to my surprise it actually does! After using it the first day I woke up the next morning to noticeably lighter circles. Besides that incredible benefit this product actually completely covers my dark circles and makes me look bright eyed and busy tailed for the entire day. Also, the rollerball used to apply the makeup makes it feel so good against your skin it's very smooth and very cool. I highly recommend this to any one who has a problem with dark circles.

Another one of my favorite products is Olay's Total Effects 7 in 1 refreshing citrus scrub. I am absolutely addicted to this stuff. I started using it last year when on my 24th birthday I started to notice little wrinkles around my eyes and almost had a panic attack. I immediately went to the store searching for something to reduce them. I found this and have been using it since. Those little wrinkles have since diminished and I find my facial skin looks much smoother and more even. This face wash makes your face feel so smooth and it smells delicious. 

Currently, these are my three favorite products that I use. I am still on the hunt for several other things including the best hairspray, best mascara, best curling iron, and best volumizing mouse. So be expecting to see my favorite of those in the near future!

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