Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Bargains!

A little while back a very good friend recommended the book Baby Bargains to me. I looked at the preview pages and immediately ordered it. I just got it in the mail last night and it has already been so extremely helpful. I thought I had a great crib picked out, but after reading the chapter on cribs Alas! I did not. The book gives so much information on what companies make the best cribs for the best prices and gives their own personal reviews. We were able to find one that had amazing reviews, was declared durable, easy to set up, and safe and was only $350. 
It's from Babies R' Us by a company called Babi Italia which got an A from Baby Bargains and it looks fantastic. This book gives more than just information on cribs it gives information on how to save money on maternity clothes, toys, clothes, furniture, etc. There's no advertising in the book so everything is personally reviewed by the authors. It was $10 from Amazon.com, but worth every penny considering the little I read last night saved me over $200. I recommend this book to any new parent as it is a great informational tool on products and gives fantastic ways to save money! There's also one for weddings too that gives similar information that I will be ordering very very soon.

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