Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Fall please get here

As I mentioned in a previous post Jack and I were having a hard time catching up on some overdue bills and I am proud to announce that today we have paid everything and are completely up to date! Watching such a large amount leave my bank account at one time was pretty disconcerting, but it also felt so good to be back to normal. 

I also wanted to let you all know about an amazing thing that does that I have a feeling not everyone knows about., as most of you know, is a pretty amazing website where you can find just about anything at extremely low prices. Many  of you probably buy your school textbooks from them as you can usually get them for much cheaper than the school bookstore, but did you know will also buy your books back in exchange for an Amazon gift card. The best part about it is they give you substantially more than the bookstore will and even buy books that are outdated. I sold about 6 books to amazon, one of them being an excel book from 2007 (very outdated), and got about $300 in amazon credit. This was a little over half of what I paid for the books originally. 

With the gift card Jack and I were able to purchase some much needed things. He was finally able to get a new pair of dress shoes as the ones he had were very very broken and I was able to order my wonderful destination maternity leggings. I got them in today and I am pretty sure I will never take them off they are so wonderful. I bought the black pair, but am most definitely going to be purchasing them in brown as well.

This leads me to today's thing to be happy about...Fall attire. I have been waiting for the entire summer for Fall to get here so I can switch to wearing comfortable legging, slouchy sweaters, boots, and scarves. I mean in all honesty does it get more comfortable than that, no, no it does not. Besides that it looks absolutely adorable. 
As soon as September 1st hits I will be putting away my summer clothes and reaching for my sweaters and leggings to wear everyday.

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