Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ask and you shall receive

So as you all know a little bit ago I made a post about how I desperately wanted a desk for my apartment. I told my wonderful boss how I was looking for a desk and if she saw one to pick it up and I would pay her back. Well not even two weeks later she told me she found the perfect desk and she was going to fix it up for me. I had no idea just how wonderful it would turn out. It's still not ready as the paint is waiting to dry, but she brought in a couple of pictures today. If this desk doesn't scream Lauren Radigan I don't know what does.

Yes she made the chair too with a leopard print seat. Oh and yes those are leopard print knobs you see. 

I have essentially come to the conclusion that I have the most wonderful boss in the world. How many employers would go out of their way to re finish a desk for their an employee? I am just in shock that she did all this for me. I absolutely can not wait to set it up in my house and get it all set up for my organizational binders!!

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