Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Subs

I have been consistently craving thanksgiving day subs and today was a whole new level I had to have one. Several of my favorite sandwich shops do sell them and they are quite delicious, however they are also quite pricey. Two sandwiches from Portland House of Pizza cost us a little over $20 including drinks. Since I have been trying to not spend money on eating out Jack and I decided to head to Hannaford and create our own!

Obviously we weren't going to cook a whole turkey (even though I would have loved too just very expensive) we decided we could pick up a rotisserie chicken and make stove top stuffing. To our great surprise they actually had rotisserie turkey breast, which I had never known about. We picked up one of those, some rye bread, cranberry sauce, and stove top turkey stuffing (the hannaford brand). We also picked up brownie mix and mint chocolate chip ice cream for mint chocolate chip brownie sundaes and two muffins for the morning. The whole list only cost us $24 just $4 more than Portland House BUT we get dessert , breakfast, and enough left overs to have them tomorrow as well. I'll take paying $24 for four meals over paying $20 for one meal any day.

I also will not lie these were the best thanksgiving day subs I've ever had in my entire life. Even better than the ones I've made the day after Thanksgiving. Something about the fresh stuffing and turkey just made it heavenly. Needless to say I was beyond pleased and anytime a pregnant woman is pleased is a good day.

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