Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly meal planning

I'm really excited about this new meal planning template I found online. I was using an excel spreadsheet, but it was kind of hard to keep track of it that way and I had to print out a whole bunch of copies one for home and one for the office. It was just getting a little complicated. Today I finally decided to google a weekly meal planning template and found this awesome one on a blog called Here is the URL to download the template

I love this, because it's cute and easy to use. I printed off a copy looked up some recipes and penciled in what meals I wanted to cook for the week. I want to emphasize the penciling in, I like to use a pencil because sometimes things change and I have to rearrange the meal schedule so I want to be able to erase it. I use Hannaford's online website to create a grocery list of the items I will need and staple it to the back of the planner. I definitely recommend checking to see if your local grocery store allows you to create online shopping lists, it helps me know roughly how much money I will spend before I get to the register. Also, stapled to the back are the recipes of the new meals I am trying out for the week. 

I have been really into organizing blogs recently and especially the templates they provide. I plan on soon making a home binder that will have these meal templates, calendar, and other things I feel I will need. I have a budget binder which I will tell you guys all about another time, but it's been really helpful.

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  1. This is seriously inspiring to the organization Gods! Good for you! I bet this is a way to save money and eat healthy!