Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear hormones please go away

I thought I had made it safely through my pregnancy with out those dreaded hormonal changes every body talks about. SURPRISE! I was very wrong; the past couple of weeks have been an absolute mess for me. My emotions have ranged from being insanely happy to extremely mad to more depressed than I have ever been.  I honestly have started to feel like a crazy person. Thankfully I have the most wonderful man in the world who, despite getting yelled at for every little thing, acts like everything is fine and has yet to to let it bother him.

I have also been stressing over everything from our financial situation to the fact that my house is a mess because I don't have the energy to clean. It's been really hard for me to handle and I've been trying to find ways to reduce my negative attitude, stress, and depressed feelings. Something that really helps is taking a Vitamin D supplement. This is something my mom has always recommended to me and as a kid I kind of blew it off, but now I am a huge supporter. More often than not taking it will instantly reduce my stress, but sometimes I need a little more help. Looking at funny and cute pictures online does help and also chocolate! I have been eating a lot of chocolate especially for some one who never ate much chocolate before becoming pregnant.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today:

baby boots




Mother cat holding her kitten

haha so teddy!

Obviously the mother and baby ones have a very special place in my heart right now.

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