Monday, October 29, 2012

Mariah's Room

Getting Mariah's room started and finding the things that I would need was not as easy as I originally thought.  First off I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted a changing table or if I should just use my bureau. I finally decided that I did want to get one as well as getting a bookcase. I searched high and low for finding these two pieces of furniture at relatively low prices and couldn't seem to find anything below $70. Even the simplest changing table was still over $100 and a teeny tiny bookcase was around $70. I finally decided that I would just find one on craigslist. I am a huge advocate for Craigslist as you can find incredible things at incredible prices, however, you do have to wait to find the perfect one because some people will try and overcharge you. For example I saw some one trying to sell a box of maybe 100 used crayons for $20, which is just ridiculous because they are like $6 brand new at wal-mart. Every morning and every afternoon I would search craigslist for a changing table and bookcase until I found what I wanted. I finally saw somebody advertising a used changing table that was only 12 years old and originally from Pottery Barn for only $25!! Needless to say I was beyond thrilled AND one of the coolest things about it was the family we bought it from knew little Annie. Apparently their daughter is really good friends with Annie and the changing table was hers when she was a baby so she was pretty excited Annie's new niece was going to be using her changing table.

I am absolutely in love with this; it's nice and big and it has a bookcase underneath so I essentially killed two birds with one stone. I was originally looking at buying a book case for $70 and a changing table for $100 and I got both for $25; so I saved $145 just by taking my time and keeping a good eye on craigslist posts.  The glider right next to it I spent only $25 on as well. My landlord's daughter had a baby several years ago and offered to sell it to me and I jumped at the opportunity. While I'm not thrilled with the color I'm pretty sure I can fix that and besides it's incredibly comfortable. 

I also got Mariah's bassinet from craigslist for only $20 which was an incredible deal. The blanket hanging over the side was free from a good friend. The moon mirror above I got from a garage sale for only $3. 

Including the $40 we spent on refinishing her dresser we have spent a total of $115 on all of her furniture. That is a price I am just not going to complain about. We still need to get decorations for the wall, but that's something that will come with time.

Like I said earlier I am a HUGE craigslist fan, but be ware when buying from there because people do try and overcharge you. When purchasing from craigslist it is definitely worth it to be patient and wait until you find exactly what you're looking for at the price you want to pay. 

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