Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Resolution

Now that my pregnancy is over I am very excited to start my new lifestyle of being more organized, getting into shape, and becoming the fashionable mamma I've always wanted to be. My main goal, however, is to get back into shape and get my body back. Jack and I plan on working on this together so I'm pretty excited to have a partner in crime on this expedition.

As some of you may already know I was pretty overweight as a child then from 8th grade to probably my sophomore year of high school I suffered from anorexia. Since then I have always had issues with my weight.  I was able to keep it under control by eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis until about two years ago. Jack and I had just moved in together and I was going to school full time and working. Due to my increased stress level and lack of time I gained a whopping 50 lbs. I went from a healthy 135lbs all the way to 185 lbs. When I saw that number slowly creeping towards 190 I knew I had to do something. I was almost done with school and had great plans to get back into tip top shape as soon as I graduated, but then I got pregnant and my weight loss goals were thrown out the window.

The first couple months of my pregnancy I gained a good amount, then I snapped back into reality and started eating very healthy while trying to do as much exercise as I could. I was doing incredibly well and it actually seemed like I was losing weight every place but my belly. The last couple of months I completely fell of the bandwagon and right before Mariah was born I was a grand *gulp* 234lbs. I tried very hard not to let this number devastate me knowing that it would drop after her birth, but it was pretty depressing.

Since Mariah's birth my weight has been rapidly dropping and I'm now at 208lbs a number that still makes me cringe. My goal is to be back down at 135lbs by January 1st 2014 with a healthy diet and regular exercise I believe this goal to be completely possible. I plan on focusing on the smaller numbers first and breaking my much larger goal into smaller short term goals. For example by the end of February I want to be at 194lbs the equivalent of losing 2lbs a week.

Now comes the fun part, how am I going to get to my ultimate goal?? Throughout my entire pregnancy I scoured pinterest looking for healthy recipes and workouts and saved all the ones I found most interesting. I plan on choosing one of these workouts a week and following them to a T. For Christmas I also received a stability ball, a yoga mat, and Zumba workout tapes. Since I foresee getting to the gym might be a little difficult with a new baby I plan on using all of these to their full advantage. I also plan on investing in a couple dumbbells and basically I will have a mini at home gym!

I haven't come up with a complete plan for eating healthier, but I know I want my meals to be between 400-500 calories. I am also a huge fan of counting calories and (which I've mentioned in a previous post) will help me with that.

Unfortunately, due to my high blood pressure that I developed during pregnancy I've been forbidden by my doctor to do any high level of cardio for 6 weeks. SO now that I have started to feel better I have been using my stability ball to do crunches, I've started doing my leg lifts, and I attempt some push ups every day. While it's probably not doing much it's at least a good start!

I plan on continuously updating you all on the different workouts I find that I like, the healthy recipes I discover, and my weight loss progress. I'm really excited to start this expedition and am looking forward to sharing my adventures with all of you!!

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