Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life as parents

Up until this point Jack and I have been extremely blessed with a baby that sleeps 6-7 hours in a row every night. We have been knocking on wood and thanking our lucky stars that we have been able to get so much sleep. This weekend Mariah started a whole new trend of sleeping all day and hardly sleeping at night. We are praying and hoping that this is just a rare occurrence and that she will go back to her old sleeping habits, but we shall see.

A huge concern of mine while I was pregnant was how my ferocious beast of a cat was going to respond to the new baby. As most of you know Leia is not the nicest kitty; when she was younger she scratched my arms up so bad I still have scars. She stopped doing that and instead started biting me in the face while I was sleeping. Now while most of you are probably thinking "holy cow that cat is evil why wouldn't you get rid of her" I would like to say when she was not acting up she was the sweetest most loving and cuddly cat I have ever met. Every day when I got home from work I was greeted by her loud meows, her rubbing up against my leg, and jumping into my arms. Jack and I are the only ones that she ever showed this type of affection too so I was extremely concerned about bringing a baby into the home. I even took her to the Vet to see what her recommendation would be. The vet told me that her breed was actually extremely good with children. While this brought some relief I still had major doubts. When I was bringing Mariah home for the first time to meet Leia I was so nervous. When we walked in something amazing happened Leia jumped into my arms per usual noticed the baby looked at her sniffed her then went right back to loving on Jack and I. As the days passed Leia became even better and better. Leia watches over Mariah all the time, when Mariah cries she runs over to her and doesn't stop meowing until we come and pick her up. She has turned into such a great cat she's even nice to most visitors that come by. The only thing we have to be careful about is putting the cover over Mariah's car seat when Mariah is in it. One time we brought her home with the cover and Mariah was crying inside and poor little Leia lost her mind thinking that Mariah was trapped inside I've never seen my cat so upset.

So far I am absolutely crazy about being a mother I can't get enough of it. Everytime Mariah coos, cries, wiggles, makes silly faces my heart melts. I find myself constantly just staring at her in amazement. Jack is such an incredible father too and more helpful than I could ever hope for. He gets up with her when I'm too tired on days he doesn't work, as soon as he gets home from work he takes over changing and feeding duties, and I find him very frequently staring at her with the same love and amazement that's in my eyes. 

I am so happy with life at the moment and am so excited for what the future is going to bring. 

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