Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mariah's Birth

Mariah Rose Cowie was born on December 29th 2012 at 11:13 A.M. She was a big girl at 21 inches long and 8lbs 13 oz. Her birth was not an easy one and I'm not going to lie I definitely tried giving up once or twice or five times.

On December 27th I went to the doctors for my 39 week appointment accompanied by my mom. The doctor came in and checked my blood pressure and discovered it was still a bit high. She very calmly said to us "Well I think it's time to have this baby I'm going to call the hospital and see if they have room for you" then she left. My mom and I looked at each other with much confusion when she quickly came back in and said "How about you guys head to the hospital now" I said "Head there for what" she said "To have the baby!" Still a little confused about how calmly and quickly everything just happened we said "okay!" I immediately called Jack who didn't answer and I got very nervous. I don't know if you guys remember but that Thursday there was a horrible snow storm taking place and Jack was stuck on a hill trying to get home to me. The second time I called he answered and I said "Turn around and head to the hospital we're having the baby!!"

We got to the hospital at around 10:30 A.M. For those of you who haven't been to the Maine Med delivery center it is flipping incredible. The rooms are about as big as my living room and dining room combined complete with couches, chairs, your own bathroom, and a jacuzzi tub! They started the inducing process almost right away with a miso tab and waited four hours. Nothing happened so they tried putting me on the petocin hoping my contractions would start. Very mild ones did but they would get closer together then they would stop and get further and further a part. At around midnight when I was no closer to being in labor they decided to take me off everything, because apparently they were getting busy and wouldn't have had time for me. I was extremely upset and disappointed, however, I was able to get some sleep. At around 5 A.M they decided to start me on everything again after literally telling me they got so busy they forgot about me.

We waited the whole day for something to happen and needless to say nothing did. Mariah was being incredibly stubborn and mama was less than impressed. Finally that night the resident doctor came in and said "Hey guess what we're going to break your water!" Thank God, I thought, however I had no idea what I was in for. Very soon after I was in the worst pain I have ever been in in my life. I begged the nurse to get me pain meds, but she said I had to wait for some god awful reason. My mother, sister, and Jack were all in the room as they listened to me curse the world and every one in the hospital. After what seemed like years, but was probably 2-3 hours the brought me my epidural and I was instantly relieved. Mariah, however, still did not feel like joining us in the world and waited until 8 A.M the next morning to begin her grand entrance.

Mariah's delivery took three hours, three very long hours. When Mariah finally arrived the excitement was overwhelming. The rest of the day was just a miracle even though I was beyond exhausted and still in a lot of pain the feeling was indescribable.

We've had Mariah home for about 10 days and so far she has been a perfect angel. We've been blessed with a sleeping machine. She typically sleeps 5-7 hours in a row every night. She wakes up for a little bit to feed then goes right back to bed for another 2 hours. It's wonderful. 

Jack and I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed. Leia has been wonderful with Mariah and we finally have our entire family together and happy!


  1. Congratulations! Loved reading your story. Welcome Mariah!

  2. Oh gosh, she's beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys!

  3. Come visit her!! BTW I need your email address or some way to contact you, because I realized a couple months ago I didn't have any way to reach you. I'm sure I am able to somehow look it up by UN but let's be real here I am completely computer illiterate.

  4. My email is just megan.mylastname at maine dot edu, USM-style. I would LOVE to come see you both when you have time!