Friday, September 21, 2012

We are the world

I know this is going to sound really cheesy, but I've noticed that there is more and more hate in the world everyday. It seems like with the rise of every sun people are coming up with more reasons to hate other people. Now, with all the social media I feel like it's getting extreme. People hate others because they are republican or democratic or rich or poor or don't know the difference between your and you're. It's honestly driving me mad. People are so cruel to others and why? Lord knows. I'm not going to pretend I'm innocent on this one either no one is. We all seem to hate some one for some thing. I'm not just talking about different groups of people either I'm talking about countries hating countries races hating races religions hating other religions. I know that things like war and hate are just in our nature and there's really no one to blame for it, but I wish that for just one day, 24 hours, we could all just put aside our differences and say "hey we are all in this together, we share this world, so let's take the day to appreciate each other, enjoy the presence of those we may hate, and maybe just maybe learn to not hate them as much as we do.

Last year I came up with this idea that I would love to make a reality, but realize that since I'm no celebrity and have no large connections it would be very hard to do. However, I might be able to get it going on a much smaller scale. My dream is for a huge group of mixed people to get together, hold hands, and sing "We are the World".....okay so maybe we don't have to sing "We are the World" but the holding hands thing is a must. 

I have it all pictured in my head to; Romney and Obama will hold hands and on Obama's other side will be a republican and on Romney's other side will be a democrat. Hipsters will have to hold hands with the 1%, every one will have to hold the hand of those they hate the most. Just for that day they will forget about why they hate the other and instead learn more about them rather than the fact that they make 1 billion dollars a year or are have a different political view. We'd all learn about those we hate and maybe we would learn not to hate them so much. 

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