Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fabulous and Free getaway

Jack and I had an amazing weekend. We had been wanting to take a trip and stay the night at a hotel so we could spend some quality time together before the baby gets here, but that involves money and with a baby on the way we need to save all the money we can. So we decided to instead drag our mattress into the living room, light a fire, and stay up all night watching movies. 


It was honestly so much fun we kept the mattress out all Saturday and watched all of the X-Men movies. Even though we were just staying in our living room it was still a blast, because it was different from the norm.

Bootsie also had fun at our sleepover in the living room.

Sunday was also fantastic as we had Jacks brother, sister, mother, and father over. His dad's birthday was this past week so to celebrate we had him come over so they could watch a Raider's game together something they rarely get to do, but possible now that we have the Sunday ticket. I made buffalo wings for the game, which was much more difficult than I originally planned. I wanted to make them in the slow cooker, because frying them would make a huge mess and take more standing around time something I don't have the energy to do these days. It took me forever to find directions on how to cook them, but I eventually figured it out. 

I used the same buffalo sauce recipe I used when making the buffalo balls. Since I was making twice the chicken i just doubled the recipe. I took a stick of butter melted it, then I sauteed some garlic, threw in a huge bottle of Frank's red hot, and this time I added a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. I put the frozen wings into the crockpot and poured the sauce on top.


Now the directions I found said that it was going to take 5 hours to cook so I put them in at 12pm to be ready for the 4 o'clock game. Well I'm not sure how those people were cooking it, but they did not take 5 hours to cook they took 45 minutes. I thought for sure it was going to be a total disaster, but every one said they came out delicious so I was very happy. The sauce smelt incredible, but I don't recommend cooking the wings this way. If you have a crockpot that has low/medium/high settings cook it on medium for the five hours unless you notice it's cooking too fast then turn it down to low, but if you have on that just switches from cooking to warm it will only take an hour to cook.

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