Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meal Theme Days!

Meal Planning has recently become quite a chore for me. Cooking for 5 is much harder than cooking for 2; and it's been mentioned more than once by my family that I cook way too much chicken. I like chicken what can I say. With our grocery bill continuing to grow I finally broke down and bought a Sam's Club card which has been amazing, I saved $30 last week by shopping there, but it also means I need to add one more grocery store to my long trip and one more calculation to find where I can get products cheapest. These factors a long with our new dietary restrictions, such as no refined carbs, has made what was once a 30 minute process a 2 hour long process. If you ask me that's way too much time for meal planning, but you know what there are a lot of recipes on pinterest.

I saw online somewhere doing theme nights for food making it easier to plan what meals you want to cook when. This way when you are looking at a huge inventory of recipes you are narrowing it down to say just casseroles or just chicken dishes. I tried doing this last week and love it. This new process made my meal planning so much quicker by making it easier to choose what meals I wanted to cook that week. It still took me a good hour, but hey it's better than two! Here's a preview of what our weekly meals are.

Try it, it's super fun, even if you only do it for a week. Share with me any ideas you may have for a theme day!

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