Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedding Planning

I've realized I have a new calling in life, wedding planning. Ever since Jack and I got officially engaged I have not been able to stop it's like I'm addicted. I just have so many ideas and want to do so much, but with a budget that's smaller than the national average it's a little tough. I've also realized I am extremely picky when it comes to even the littlest details. I think I have browsed over 100 venues literally and have kicked ones out, because I don't like their chairs or the doorway or the carpet, it's bad people real bad. But Hey you only get married once so it should be perfect although I'm quite aware that if it doesn't end up absolutely perfect (which I know it won't) that I need to try and not let it bother me to the point where my special day is ruined. 

I haven't posted in over a week, I know, I'm sorry but truth be told I've been spending the past two weeks moving into my parents basement and creating wedding organization projects to share with you all! I'm really excited. So far I have created a guest list, a wedding binder, and bridesmaid "invitations". The guest list and wedding binder need some final touches and I haven't received or sent out the "invitations" so I can't show them to you yet. 

I also think I have chosen my wedding venue and could not be more excited, it's perfect, except for the carpet I could really go with a different carpet but what can you do. It's affordable, it has a beautiful ballroom and a beautiful view what more could you ask for?

I am still struggling with a theme/color palette. I do know that light pink/blush will be included along with peonies and roses. I am really looking forward to sharing all my wedding planning secrets with you all and can't wait for the blog entries to come!

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  1. No one is looking at the floor! They will be looking at how awesome you look!