Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting in Wedding Day shape

Yesterday marked my very first day of my wedding day diet. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it as I am completely cutting out refined carbs and seriously cutting down on sugar; removing entirely sweets and sodas. I am also eliminating almost all processed foods from my diet and eating only fresh made from scratch foods. I'm leaving in products I don't know how to make on my own such as soy sauce, hoisin sauce, mustard, etc. Also a lovely blogger I follow, Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny, introduced me to Karina and Katrina from Tone It Up who are two beautiful girls that have a wonderful diet plan and fun exercises. I haven't signed up for their program as it's $150, but I am planning on it in the future. Right now I'm simply following their meal plan which includes 5 small meals a day, a morning workout, and an evening workout.

To give you an example of what my typical day will look like, here is today's Plan:

Meal 1: Whole wheat toast with 1 tbls of cream cheese

Workout 1: 30 minute run - Started with 5 minutes of walking followed by 5 minutes of running then 4 min walking 4 min of running and I continue this pattern until I get down to 1.

Meal 2: 2 hard boiled eggs (I eat only the whites as I don't like the yolks when they are hardboiled)

Meal 3: Sandwich on 2 slices of whole wheat bread with roasted chicken, 1 tbls cream cheese, 1 slice of provolone, red peppers, cucumbers, spinach, onions, tomatoes, and sprouts.

Meal 4: Cucumbers and carrots dipped in my homemade hummus

Meal 5: Grilled balsamic bruchetta chicken with avocados (I'll post this recipe another day)

Workout 2: I chose a 30 minute at home workout from my pinterest board

I also want to point out that for every hour I work I spend 5 minutes exercising during the day. So while I'm at work instead of taking a break I just get up every hour and work out for 5 minutes this gives me another 40 minutes of working out and burns an extra 400 calories.

All my meals total to around 1500-1600 calories and I burn about 900 calories. I think it's a great start and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.


  1. Congratulations to you. This seems like a great plan! Have you selected a wedding date? I am curious about your timeline. I have 200 days until our wedding and will meet with a nutritionist tomorrow in Houston. I am going to try and lose about 20 pounds in 6.5 months. Good for you and good luck!

  2. I'm thinking September of 2014, but I'd like to lose 60lbs in a minimum of a year (5lbs a month) I'd be much happier losing 8-10 lbs though that way I don't have to do too many adjustments with my wedding dress. A nutritionist is such a good idea I really want to meet with one as well as a physical trainer, but all my money is going to need to go to this wedding.