Friday, May 10, 2013

Wedding Binder

I had originally wanted to share with you my wedding spreadsheets today, but I don't have them printed out or organized yet so I decided to share with you my binder instead. I am head over heels in love with this thing and am having so much fun putting it together. It's not quite done yet I still need to get a couple more separators, but it's looking amazing.

Even with all the online planning and inspiration tools available these days I still wanted to create a binder, because I felt like it was easier to have everything in one place printed out. I didn't like the fact that my inspiration was on one page while my budget, checklists, and possible vendors were on others it was getting too confusing.  I searched online for a printable planner and found one on Etsy for $12. (here is the link for those who are interested Printable wedding planner) There are tons available online for different prices this is just the one I picked out.

As a heads up this is just a simple introduction to the binder. Each section is so detailed I will most likely do a separate entry for each. I have literally become obsessed with wedding planning and am thinking about turning it into a career.

I went to target and searched for a cute binder, however, all the ones I liked were not big enough in the slightest so I settled on a teal Avery one that's 11/2 inches thick I'm hoping this is big enough. Because I couldn't find a cute binder,  I decided to instead purchase some cute dividers. I fell in love with these ones the patterns and colors were just too adorable.

Only 5 came in a package so I purchased 2, but I'm going to have to go back and purchase 1 or 2 more. I wanted to have a lot of different sections so that I could focus on one small piece at a time There are just too many details going on in a wedding to try and look at it from the big picture. My categories are as follows:

1) Budget
2) Bridal Party; attire, gifts, etc.
3) Guest; invitations, escort cards, table numbers, favors
4) Food and Drinks
5) Cake
6) Flowers
7) Photography
8) Ceremony
9) Reception
10) Attire
11) Beauty
12) Schedule
13) Registry
14) Bachelorette Party
15) Honeymoon

In the very front of the binder I also have my timeline. I wanted to keep it up front so that it was easily accessible and I could make sure I was staying on track.

In each section I have inspiration pages of images that I have cut out of magazines and taped them onto blank paper. I also have note pages where I describe in detail exactly what I want in each section my "vision" for that topic.

I just also wanted to share with you this simple budget that describes what percentage of your budget should go to each part of your wedding. While this has helped me get an idea I definitely don't follow it to a T and neither should you as every bride is different and certain aspects of the wedding will be more important to you than others. For example I'd rather take money out of photography and cake and put it into the reception and dress where as others may want an amazing cake and don't care much about their dress.

I'm so excited not just for this wedding, but all the organization plans I have planning this wedding and I can't wait to share them all with you!

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