Thursday, March 7, 2013

Office Workouts

As a working mom finding time to workout is not very easy in fact it's close to impossible but it IS possible. If you have a desk job or work in an office where you're comfortable around your coworkers it may be easier than you think. I keep a set of 10lb weights at my desk and while working at the computer I will use them frequently. Here are some easy ways to workout while you are at the office.

  • When you are on the phone stand up instead of sitting down, pace back and forth, or march in place. You will burn double the calories than you would if you were sitting.
  • Going to the water fountain? Do lunges all the way there. If you think this will look silly just think that it will actually make you look better. Every one wishes they exercised more and people will be jealous that they don't have the guts to do the same thing.
  • Stand up and do some toe raises right at your desk.
  • Have a lunch break? Eat at your desk and go for a walk on your lunch instead.
  • For a great leg toner sit up straight in your chair and lift one leg straight out a little higher than your other knee, hold it for 15 seconds then release. Do this three times for each leg, you will absolutely feel a burn.
  • For your arms and back do pushups on your desk or on the wall.
  • Have a wall sitting contest with a coworker.
The greatest part about these workouts is not only are you getting your fitness on continuously through out the day BUT they are incredible energy boosters when you are feeling groggy and if you are a new mom that happens often.

Another thing we started at our office is a "wall of fitness" We have a whiteboard with four calendars on it we each have our names above one of the calendars and every time we work out we mark it down. Who ever has the most days marked at the end of the month gets treated to lunch by the rest of us. 

Who here likes "The Office" I for one am a huge fan. I found this "The Office" workout online and think it is awesome. Create one of these similar for your favorite TV show OR change the characters to people in your workplace and do the same things!


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