Sunday, November 11, 2012

Living Room

After living at my apartment for over a year, my living room is finally starting to come together. Three out of the four corners are completely done; I just have one more corner behind the couch that needs some decorating and organizing.

I absolutely hate this corner and have not figured out what to do with it yet. It definitely needs a couple wall hangings, but I would also like to find something to put on top of that hideous large white thing. You can't see it in this picture, but right behind the couch is essentially storage space that we've just thrown things like blankets and Jack's golf clubs behind. Soon I will take care of this corner and it will look just as good as the rest of the living room, but for now I just avoid eye contact with it.

The desk is my newest and most favorite addition. It fit my living room and personality so perfectly. I am not even close to done with the desk accessories, but it looks good enough for now until I have some spare cash to make it look perfect.

To the left of the desk you can see my favorite mirror in my house and possibly the world. Jack bought this for me for my birthday two years ago. 

I know it's probably not every body's favorite, but I love animal furniture/decor. It's one of my secret obsessions.

The painting hanging above the desk came from home goods and cost a total of $14!

I am loving my mantle piece that is currently decorated for Fall.

All the fall decor came from The Christmas Tree Shops and cost $13. The mirror above was given to me and the picture frames were all ones I had saved from Christmases and birthdays. So everything on this mantle cost me a grand total of $13!

I really like everything about this corner except for the lamp which I will replace once I get around to it. Currently it is not on my top priorities. I love the picture that we just recently added. Shutterfly was giving away 2 free 8x10's all you paid was S&H so I paid a total of $3 for two 8X10's and the frame was $5 from walmart. My favorite piece in this corner is my elephant table (again with the animal furniture).

I found this beauty at burlington coat factory for $25. When I bought it the glass top was broken off, but that was a very easy fix. Jack bought some 2 part apoxy and just glued it back together it's been perfect ever since. 

My next task it getting my apartment organized. My kitchen cabinets, underneath my bathroom sink, and front closet, are a disaster. Slowly but surely I will complete them before Mariah is born.

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