Friday, July 27, 2012

Positive thinking for not so positive things

Recently Jack's car has had some major issues, it all started a year ago when the driver's seat to our beautiful VW Passat 3.6 (That's him right above) started to move back and forth all on it's own. This was, unfortunately, one of the many mechanical issues, but fortunately the only one that really mattered as the others weren't important. Realizing that it would probably cost an arm and a leg to fix the issues Jack decided to ignore it and instead just ripped out the plug for the automatic seat so it was left at a comfortable position for him. This worked great for about 6 months when once again the seats started moving back and forth, even though there was no plug in it, and this time it was getting much much worse. It was so bad that if he let his car sit for more than 24 hours the battery would die. This turned into quite an event as the only way to open the trunk is by the button on the key BUT the battery would be sooo dead that it wouldn't work so he would have to wake me up I would have to crawl in the trunk through the back seat and pull the emergency hatch. This was happening every Monday morning, it was really quite a great start to the week. 

Jack eventually fixed this problem and everything was back to normal UNTIL, of course, we went on vacation and the car sat for over a week. When Jack went to turn the car on Thursday morning to go to work it was of course dead and we had to go through the long process to turn it back on. However, this time when it turned on everything was not working as it should. His transmission was skipping second gear and moving him from first to third. Not only that, but it consistently thinks his e-brake is on and creates a very loud beeping noise that doesn't go off. Jack did very well driving with the noise for the first week and a half, but come yesterday he just couldn't take it anymore and asked very sweetly if I could come pick him up from work. Even though he works 30 minutes away I couldn't say no (who could put up with that anyway?) So now I will be taking him to work every morning and picking him up every evening until we can get it fixed. Oh joy!

Instead of getting frustrated about the whole situation, since I know that is not good for baby I am trying to look at the positive side. This morning Jack and I had a wonderful time driving the 30 minute commute together chit chatting and preparing for our day. It was very nice and was actually nice to spend some time just talking and hanging out together which doesn't happen very often. So now I am actually very much looking forward to picking him up this evening and spending some more quality time with him. PLUS the best part is Friday is our date night!. Our roommate usually works an overnight shift starting at 4pm so we try and spend the night either ordering delivery or making an awesome dinner. In an attempt to save money I am planning on making a delicious meal that I haven't made before. This should be very interesting and very fun. I get all my recipes from 

it is by far my favorite website for recipes as you can see reviews and tons of pictures that real people have actually taken so you know how it should turn out. If you have not heard of it yet I urge you to visit it and see what wonderful things you can create. The website literally taught me how to cook and since I've used it I haven't made one bad recipe.  I will let you know what I decide to make and how it turns out!

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