Sunday, December 16, 2012

Whitewashing Furniture

After repainting my beautiful wall shelves an accidental bright hot pink I was desperate to find a way to tone the color down. My good friend Sam sent me a link to whitewashing furniture and I fell in love with the idea. I was a little nervous to try it as I am usually not good at those kind of things, but surprisingly it is a lot easier than I thought.

All it takes is two parts of white paint and one part water. If it looks a little thick still you can add more water, we ended up having to do that.

After you've made the mixture simply paint it onto your furniture. Make sure you paint with the grain of the wood for the best result. On one website it mentioned waiting until it's almost dry and then wiping the extra off with a paper towel, but we did not need to do that.

The biggest problem I had with this procedure was getting the paint lines to look even and uniform. I think the issue was the shelves we were painting had a lot of nooks, edges, and bends; the pegs didn't help either. If you're painting a nightstand or dresser I assume this will be much easier.

Here is a picture of the before and after. The top shelf is clearly way too pink especially for a babies room whose main colors are sage green and light pink. The bottom shelf is after the whitewashing. I absolutely love how the pink still shows through the white.

A good thing to note is the paint dries super fast I mean it was completely dry in about 30 minutes.

I was a little nervous that you would be able to tell that my paint strokes were not even and uniform, but you can't at all when it's hanging up and I actually love the way it looks!

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