Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

As most of you may new on August 24th I competed in my first 5k. I can not even begin to explain the sense of accomplishment that rushed over me when I first ran 3 miles with out stopping. To begin let me explain, in Middle School gym I was always the last to finish the mile, not even that, but I couldn't even run the whole thing. In High School I could maybe go a mile and a half and that was even after I lost all the weight. When I gave birth to my child I decided that I was going to teach myself to run. I looked up the couch to 5k plan and began my first attempt walking for 2 minutes and running for 1 and a half. I felt so pathetic I was completely out of breath and dying for the stop watch to reach 1.30.

I ran every once in a while, but it was so difficult I started finding other ways to work out. Three months later I decided to push myself with a new running routine walking five minutes running five minutes walking four running four so on until I got to one. It was unbelievably difficult the first couple of days, but I kept pushing. My friend Abby had me sign up for a 5k with her three months from then. I kept running and eventually fell in love with it. The views from my neighborhood, the sound of the birds, the wind blowing on my face, everything was beautiful. Three months later, a week before the 5k, I ran my first 3 miles with out stopping. Let me tell you I almost cried I was so excited. I even took a photo to commemorate the experience.

Running in the 5k was such a blast it definitely helped that it was one of the coolest 5k's I've heard of dressing up in ridiculous clothing while getting color cornstarch thrown at you, so much fun.
After the race I was so pumped.

Stoked to be crossing the finish line

Clearly couldn't stop smiling.

Since it is transformation Tuesday I wanted to update you all on my progress. I'm going to compare my new pics with the original one. While I haven't lost much weight since the last time I updated you all it's clear that I have gained muscle tone and I couldn't be happier about that. Hard work most certainly pays off.




  1. Great job Lauren! You look fabulous! I joined weight watchers last week. I weighed in today and lost 2 pounds!!! And I had some bad days with my eating. I'm determined to be better this week and see if I lose even more. You are inspiring me!

    1. yaaaay! and thank you! It's so much fun to watch the scale drop. I've been plateaued for s little bit, but at least I can see some muscle gain. I have a problem with bad days on weekends I always mess up, but I just started seeing a nutritionist so hopefully it will encourage me to stay on track.